About Us

St. Mary’s Academy is a Catholic Pre-School through Eight Grade school in The Dalles, Oregon. St. Mary’s is an educational community in which principal, teachers, staff, families, clergy, and parishioners work together to provide students with a strong spiritual, academic, psychological, and social foundation.

St. Mary’s places focus on teaching and living the Gospel and the traditions of the Catholic Church. Equally, it gives emphasis to personal and communal spirituality, the fostering of strong community, and a commitment to those in need.

In a loving and supportive environment, St. Mary’s Academy strives toward superior academic excellence where the needs of the child are enveloped in developmentally appropriate practices. We affirm parents as the primary educators of their children and actively encourage parental involvement.

As members of the Catholic Faith Community of The Dalles, Oregon we share in that role and offer cooperation and assistance in preparing our students to be the future leaders of the Church and the world.